Partner Ministries

Church Planting

Through the payment of our United Stewardship Fund assessment, which goes to our Wesleyan District and denomination, we are assisting in the planting of churches in Lowell and Grand Haven.

Some will argue that what we need is to just grow the churches that we already have. We’re not opposed to growing larger and healthier churches. But, if every existing church in our district averaged 5,000, we’d still be missing more than 750,000 men, women, boys and girls who need and deserve to know the life-changing grace of God.

Michigan Christian Campus Ministries

His House Christian Fellowship is a Christian ministry that focuses on college students. The first His House started at Michigan State University in 1969. Since that time, His House has grown to do God’s work on ten campuses across the state of Michigan.

Campus Ministry includes four major areas. First, students are taught about God and how to know Him better through our Outreach Meeting and Bible Study. Students are also given opportunities to build healthy relationships through activities at our campus houses.

In addition, there are many opportunities for students to grow on a personal level through small groups, retreats, and service projects, and mission trips. All these things are brought together in the last area where students are challenged and given the opportunity to serve their peers by taking on their own volunteer position within the campus ministry.

To learn more about Michigan Christian Campus Ministries and His House Christian Fellowship, please visit the His House Christian Fellowship website.

Hephzibah Children’s Home

Hephzibah Children’s Home is a shelter and training ministry for children. It is located in Macon, Georgia. It is staffed by a dedicated and qualified group of people who provide shelter, food, medical attention, as well as love and spiritual direction for the children who reside there. Each child at Hephzibah is a story of abuse, neglect, broken families, heartache and rejection. Hephzibah offers them a safe and secure place to live. In addition, Hephzibah Academy provides the educational training that is needed. Our Christmas Eve offering is designated for this very special ministry.